About Caddy Marketing and Communications

This is the area of the site where you will find detailed, insightful background information about CMAC, including a corporate overview, a summary of its vast marketing experience, a list of the diverse industries which the firm serves, and a comprehensive description of, and the rationale behind, CMAC’s primary area of focus:  SMBs. 


In addition, by clicking on the appropriate links to the left, you can also review CMAC President and CEO Keith R. Pillow’s executive biography; an explanation of the company’s distinctive and memorable name; The CMAC Difference, a collection of the unique differentiators which clearly distinguish CMAC from other marketing consultants and communications advisors; and backgroud information on corporate partners.


Finally, make sure to check out the compilation of frequently asked questions for concrete, no-nonsense answers to many common queries that CMAC receives on a regular basis.