Why Caddy?

So what’s with the name caddy anyways?


1.   For starters, it’s quite different, and intentionally so by design. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of advertising agencies, PR firms, and marketing consultancies are named after their founders in some fashion, a practice which has become tedious and boring, and, let’s face it, does not really showcase much in terms of creativity or original thinking. This is rather ironic when one considers that these businesses pride themselves on their vast creative resources, key assets used to service existing accounts and secure new clients, but then fail to demonstrate these qualities in their own brand identities. Take a look at any ad agency or PR firm directory, and you will see what we mean:  a plethora of businesses with such unexciting names such as John Q. Doe Advertising, Susie Homemaker Communications, FUN Public Relations, DUM Marketing, and the like. Yawn. At CMAC, we wanted something more distinctive, memorable, and of course, creative.


2.   Secondly, CMAC President and CEO Keith R. Pillow is a golf nut in his spare time, and he is extremely passionate about the game, its rich history, its deep connection to the business world, and the honorable and character-building qualities it represents. When exploring an identity for his company, Keith wanted to choose a name that combined his unwavering passion for and personal interest in golf with his extensive experience in the marketing realm. This is how the name Caddy Marketing and Communications was conceived.


3.   Finally, and most importantly, the golf term caddy (also spelled caddie, although both are correct and acceptable according to the Oxford English Dictionary) carries a much deeper significance, one which is extraordinarily applicable and relevant to the marketing consulting process. In the world of competitive golf, the caddy plays a highly-important, multi-faceted role in the preparation, performance, support, and ultimate success of the golfer. More specifically, the caddy serves as a consultant, strategic advisor, researcher, information provider, motivator, counselor, psychologist, and calming influence to the player, all at the same time. No small feat, to be sure. In essence, the caddy is an indispensable resource for the player, and an entity which no competitor can do without. In fact, world-renowned, top-performing golfers throughout history, including such legends as Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and, yes, even Tiger Woods, have all credited their respective caddies as absolutely critical components to their many on-course successes over the years.


This is precisely the role that CMAC plays with its SMB clients. The firm serves as a strategic advisor to those companies that require insightful, cost-effective marketing and communications guidance they can immediately use to significantly improve overall business performance. Taking this one step further, and just as a caddy does with his professional during competition, CMAC provides clients with proven, real-world marketing and communications support that helps them get to their top of their games…now, and down the road.